The associated post Graduate Program in Nursing UPE/UEPB aims to play a relevant role in  researchers formation and specialized qualification human resources in the nursing area with autonomy and planning ability in their concentration area. . In addition, it aims to play and develop  research, teaching and extension related activities in the nursing area in an interdisciplinary way with multiple l vision.


1.     To stimulate research and development of knowledge in the Health and Nursing area.

2.     To act in a research training area committed with investigation of relevant problems for the development of the area aiming to improve the society's quality of life. 

3.     To contribute to improvement of the research activities developed by the research groups  which are currently in the process of being implemented or being consolidated

4.     To contribute to training and fixation of researchers in the northeast of Brazil.

The program comprises the Nursing doctorate and master's degree program. With grade 4 obtained in the three-year evaluation 2010 to 2012, it has been making efforts with its professors and students towards the goal of excellence level

For the purpose of accomplishing their mission and reaching their goals, the program’s structure is around one concentration area and three lines of research besides. The research projects that hold specificities with the course area and the big area in which they are inserted, besides training the nurses and other health professionals in strict sensu level. From 2017, the admission of other professionals is enlarged

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