Divulgação - Defesa Nº 225

Aluno: Geraldo Torres Galindo Neto

Título: “Value creation in Agile Software Development”.

Orientador: Prof. Wylliams Barbosa Santos

Co-Orientador: Roberta Andrade de Araújo Fagundes

Data-hora: 18/Dezembro/2020 (09:30h)
Local: Escola Politécnica de Pernambuco – Formato Remoto (https://meet.google.com/cdh-jffi-cck)


“Agile Software Development (ASD) is defined by the principles and values present in the Agile manifesto. One of the agile principles refers to the creation of value as: "our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software". Despite this, initial ASD research followed other trends, addressing various agile methods, such as eXtreme Programming, Scrum, and Lean Software Development (LSD). However, in recent years, the value creation in ASD has shown to be a strong research trend and being widely discussed in the software industry. However, identifying practices that foster value creation becomes difficult since this concept has many aspects. Identifying these practices can change the mindset of agile teams, as research indicates that value creation is poorly understood from the agile team's point of view. Thus, this study aims to develop a guide composed of practices for creatingvalue in the context of ASD. This work applied some research methods: a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and Grey Literature Review (GLR), seeking to identify practices for fostering value creation in ASD. As a result, some practices for promoting valuecreation have been identified in the grey literature; lastly, the interview technique was conducted with software development professionals to obtain evidence for constructing a guide composed of the practices to fostering value creation in ASD.”

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