The main objective of the Program in Applied Cellular and Molecular Biology is to train human resources to work as researchers/scientists in public or private educational and technological institutions,highlighting the following main competencies and aptitudes:

1.Mastery of the state of the art in their field and understanding of it, the power to argue and support their ideas among their peers and in other fields of knowledge with a view to building partnerships or networks for the production of scientific knowledge;

2.In-depth knowledge in the field of cellular and molecular biology that enables excellent performance in the development of projects and in professional activities that require mastery of these areas, as well as their biotechnological applications.

3.Engagement in the educational process, collaborating in the training of new professionals with a critical and reflective view;

4.Competence in molecular methods such as handling tissues, cells, and nucleic acids, genome analysis, gene identification, etc.

5.Knowledge of technologies that enable the immobilization of biological materials, with a view to technological innovation in the creation of equipment applicable in the areas of health and environment;

6.Expansion of intra- and inter-institutional relations, optimizing the local and regional human potential that develops research in this area.

 Credits/disciplines: 14 compulsory credits and 14 elective credits (minimum credits)

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